Yo! @GOP! Over Here! ObamaCare Is Still a Joke!

Dear RNC,

Forget the goldmine metaphor I used yesterday. The Obama administration is handing you a bloody ribeye, seasoned and cooked to a medium rare perfection. Rip into it. Don’t even use utensils. Oh thank God. Here’s Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck (quoted at Ace of Spades HQ:)

[W]we have asked the administration to provide the same briefing to House Republicans. This snub is all the more offensive after Secretary Sebelius declined to testify at a House hearing this week. It’s time for the Obama administration to honor its promises of transparency and face some accountability.

Look guys. I voted for Bob Dole when I was eighteen. I’m used to disappointment. But when you’re holding the bat and the pitcher lobs a fucking meatball at you, you have a duty to your team to smack that thing out of the park. Speaking of meatballs, here’s President Obama yesterday:

Through the marketplaces, you can get health insurance for what may be the equivalent of your cell phone bill or your cable bill, and that’s a good deal.

New RNC ad: ObamaCare: Not Much More Than a Cup of Coffee

So the fact is the product of the Affordable Care Act for people without health insurance is quality health insurance that’s affordable.  And that product is working.  It’s really good.

New RNC ad: ObamaCare: It’s Really Good!

And it turns out there’s a massive demand for it.  So far, the national website, HealthCare.gov, has been visited nearly 20 million times.

New RNC ad: ObamaCare: 20 Million Disappointed and Counting

I didn’t even go to Harvard and I came up with that off the top of my head. Even better, the entire speech is full of moments like that. Read the whole thing and find little gems of your own.

RNC, if you hire me I will work for half of what your best and brightest earn, and it will be worth every penny in investment and savings. Hell, hire some of the folks from Twitchy. I mean, tell me you aren’t going to let Obama get away with this:

Got me some killer bud, some brew dogs, some Jack Johnson, and health insurance, bro. Sweet.

Got me some killer bud, some brew dogs, some Jack Johnson, and health insurance, bro. Sweet.

Now Steny Hoyer wants more money for the broken website, Henry Waxman (the dumbest man in Congress) is blaming the private sector contractors for the website’s failure and even Jon Freaking Stewart is doing a facepalm over the website’s rollout. Meatballs. Meatballs. Meatballs.

RNC, whatever it is you’re doing ain’t working.

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