Study: Anti-Bullying Programs Backfire in Schools

When school administrators aren’t busy covering for teachers having sex with their students, sometimes they get bored and spend gobs of public money on social engineering programs. In the last few years anti-bullying has become the new DARE, SANE, BECOOL or whatever you had in school, and the results have been just as successful.

The student videos used in many campaigns show examples of bullying and how to intervene. But [University of Texas at Arlington criminologist Seokjin] Jeong says they may actually teach students different bullying techniques — and even educate about new ways to bully through social media and texting.

Jeong said students with ill intentions “…are able to learn, there are new techniques [and gain] new skills.” He says students might see examples in videos and then want to try it.

Social engineers never seem to figure out that people use information for their own purposes. Good people use information for good, and vice-versa when it comes to bad people. Some rotten little monster somewhere had never even thought of using Twitter or texting to harass one of his fellow students, but this handy-dandy little training video just gave him a brand new way to do evil even when his target isn’t present.

Moreover, as The Political Hat notes, being constantly pestered by the school to accept everyone as a happy rainbow of getting along might cause resentment in ordinary kids that could lead to more bullying.

Much of the “anti-bullying” focus has been on LGBTQ kids.  As has just been noted, the “anti-bullying” tactics will tend to encourage people to be resentful against those who have been raised to the position of special protection, and be given a privilege thereby.  This is particularly true when those who don’t have that privilege are told that they are legitimate targets for criticism because “social justice” advocates say they are “privileged” just for being normal.

Does anyone think that forcing girls in Colorado to share a bathroom with a teenaged shemale, which was forced upon the girls by a politically correct legislature, makes people more tolerant? If there’s anything that pisses people off, especially teenagers, it’s special privileges.

Besides, the problem isn’t, nor has it ever been, an abstract concept like “bullying.” The problem is with bullies. Some kids are just awful little sociopaths who need to be identified and shamed. We all know that teachers and administrators won’t lift a finger to do that.

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Update II: Rightward Journal on Twitter reminds us of the other way to handle a bully.

Forgot to mention that.

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