Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Random Hotness Edition

beer-bath-girlIt’s Thursday. Rule 5.

The ladies above are from AcidCow. The post is titled Beer Spa and Hot Girls. Add some midgets and you’d have an episode of The Man Show.

Also from AcidCow, meet Anastasia Yankova, who is hot and can totally kick your ass.

From theChive, Burn Your Bra for the Greater Good.

Some Girls of Oktoberfest, also from theChive.

NFL cheerleaders done up for Halloween, from

Bonus: Rockabilly Style Guide Gallery 54 from Sad Man’s Tongue.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Update: Linked by Wombat-socho, the King of the Internet.

Update II: Linked by Donald Douglas at American Power. Awesome.

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