Can the Right Adopt Obama’s Tactics Without Becoming Obama?

Daniel Henninger writes at the Wall Street Journal:

From the Barack Obama Twitter feed at 10 a.m.: “Be a part of @OFA’S Twitter takeover and tell Congress to #EndThisNow.”

Republicans complain constantly that the media “lets him get away with it.” The media is floating down the electric river. No, they—the message-impoverished Republicans—let him get away with it. The Washington GOP is now a political Gulliver, tied down by tweets and twerps.

I’m not a big fan of Twitter, but Henninger has a point. Obama hammered the Tea Party with the Obama Twitter bot, and even though every attack was blatantly dishonest, he got away with it and won the battle. No doubt due to the President’s one known skill (and I don’t mean golf,) he is an absolute genius when it comes to agitating losers. We saw this during the last election with the “You didn’t build that” speech and the guest appearances on hip hop radio stations, and now he is doing it all over again with the world’s second most annoying social networking site.

I’m not one of the people on the Right who think that Obama is an outright Marxist. I don’t think he’s really that dedicated to anything, but liberal Democrats are clearly influenced by Marxism. The one thing that I think we on the Right often overlook is that Marxism is both an ideology and a tool. The sort of fiery populism that we see coming from Obama isn’t just something people on the Left can use. Look, I’m not George Kaiser. No Democrat is going to hand me hundreds of millions of dollars to run a company into the ground because I handed the President a bunch of cash. Hell, I’m the proletariat in this whole thing.

The danger, of course, is of ourselves becoming lying demagogues who appeal to the worst in people. The trick is in getting Obama’s votes without getting his voters.



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  2. Regular Right Guy

    While I do think that Obama’s history suggests that he is more than likely a true Marxist, there is no doubt that he is a man primarily concerned with what makes Barry happy. However, your point is well taken. I think it was David Horowitz who suggested that Republicans will never constantly win as a party until they ditch their striped ties.

    • Chandler's Ghost

      Bummer. I like the striped ties.

      While I think that Obama has been influenced by Marxist ideas, I don’t think that he’s dedicated to anything outside of his own greatness enough to be a committed Marxist. Our difference here is a distinction without a difference, though, because the country winds up screwed either way.

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