Wonderful Wednesday: Raindrops on Roses

burrito-and-boobsThis may or may not become a weekly feature. One can only call people idiots in a public forum so many times a week, so this will be a way for Blackmailers Don’t Shoot to relax a bit on Hump Day. Kick up your heels, folks. Here goes nothing.

Favorite Waste of Time: Grand Theft Auto V

Social conservatives and squishy liberals probably agree on their dislike of this game series, which is completely understandable. It’s sexist, violent, antisocial, and cruel. It’s also one of the few game series that never dropped a big ol’ turd of a sequel at some point, and probably the only series that has progressively gotten better since the stick figures and top-down interface of the original.

An uncomfortable truth about gamers is that we’re really a bunch of dicks. If we’re given the opportunity to park a bus in front of an oncoming train, we’ll do it. Here’s the thing, though: if you’re going to unleash your unbridled id on an unsuspecting public from your computer, video games are a far better alternative to harassment and cyberstalking.

Favorite Lefty Meme Going around Facebook: Math Is a Social Construct, Dude

Wrong. Math is an abstraction of natural phenomena. If it really was a social construct, you’d be writing your dissertation on transsexuality in The Faerie Queene (true story) in a mud hut. But keep telling yourself that Gender Studies is just as important as Mathematics.

Favorite Conspiracy Theory: This Guy

Click to enlarge

I posted about this back when this blog was barely a month old. Steve Lightfoot is convinced that horror author Stephen King is the man who actually murdered John Lennon, and that Mark David Chapman was just a patsy. The proof, you see, can be found in King’s fiction. Naturally, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were involved in the conspiracy.

I took this picture in Tarzana, but this van and earlier incarnations have been spotted as far as Sarasota, where Lightfoot tried to convince the Planning Commission of the real truth behind the notorious murder. It will surprise absolutely no one to find out that the earliest sighting of the van was in Berkeley.

Favorite Article I’ve Read This Week: Megan McArdle on ObamaCare

Uh-oh. McArdle says that if the ObamaCare exchanges aren’t up and running smoothly in a month, the law and the insurance industry could go into a death spiral. Hubris, meet Nemesis.

Have a great evening everyone. Feel free to add what you’re liking right now.




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