This Stupid Week, Swipe Yo EBT Edition

machine-gun-girlEvening folks. The linkfest this week will be framed by a short post.

On Saturday, due to an actual computer glitch and not shutdown shenanigans, food stamp and WIC systems went down across 17 states for a few hours, causing panic on Twitter (!) and generally signalling the end of the world.

Two Walmarts in Mansfield and Springhill Louisiana decided to let people use their EBT cards anyway, which had this completely predictable result:

Shelves at Walmart stores in Louisiana were cleared in a shopping frenzy over the weekend after a glitch in the Electronic Benefits Transfer system allowed government food stamp recipients to make purchases without spending limits.

The moment the system went back online, people left overflowing carts full of the food they were trying to steal in the aisles, and one woman was detained but not arrested as she tried to check out. Monty at Ace of Spades HQ summed things up this morning.

These are the wages of the welfare state, my groovy babies: we’ve been mainlining the drug so long that we can’t go for an hour without it. DOOM isn’t foreign terrorists or enemy soldiers or dirty bombs. It’s legions of stupid people almost tearing down a Wal-Mart because their SNAP cards didn’t work for an hour or two. Now tell me what’s going to happen when the balloon really goes up and we can’t afford to keep ladling out government cheese any more. What happens if the SNAP cards stop working permanently? Do you think these hordes of angry stupid people are just going to grumble and go back home?

Which is about the best way someone could put it. Note to Regular Right Guy, Donald Douglas, JSF, and anyone else in the Golden State: California has about a third of the welfare recipients in the nation. Any plans on what you’ll do when the operation goes kerplop?

Okay, so I really just wrote all of that to put in that last quote. Sue me.

On to the linkfest!

Smitty at The Other McCain proposes a new way of stealth implementing term limits.

Mike G has a quick rundown. Lindsey Graham would rather watch football than talk about the shutdown. Can’t say I blame the guy completely.

Regular Right Guy urges you to steal Anne Coulter’s new book.

Now that California allows children to have more than two parents, The Political Hat says that we’re heading quickly down that slippery slope that gay marriage supporters said would never happen.

The Daley Gator on what liberals don’t get about charity.

American Power on veterans liberating shut down war memorials.

Agent 54 writes more on the continuing saga of the Ron Burgundy 2016 campaign.

Ann Althouse, via Instapundit, asks if the Obama Administration disappeared Julia the paper doll.

Lee Stranahan continues the good work against the ghoulish Shirley Sherrod.

Some Princess Leia Rule 5 and other assorted randomness from Goodstuff’s Cyber World.

Aaaand the Weekly World News hasn’t put up anything new in two weeks, so I leave you with Frank Zappa. Who probably would have hated my guts.

Update: For a dead guy, Richard Nixon is fast with WordPress.



  1. thatmrgguy

    Thanks for the link.

    Yep, the situation at the Wal Marts and at other places around the country are a brief glimpse of the future when the stuff really hits the fan.

  2. Agent 54

    Too many people riding in the wagon and not enough pulling it. If I get “downsized” again this year, I’m just going to hop on the gravey train and sign up for every Government program in the country. I’m sick of being the Horse pulling the Jackasses.

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