Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Oh My Edition

Sara the Cecil

Sara the Cecil

Tonight’s a grab bag, because I didn’t plan this thing. All the links are good though, so no worries in that regard.

Courtesy of Sad Man’s Tongue, the lady above is L.A.’s own Sara the Cecil. I’m not sure if her name is a reference to the infamous hotel. If not, that’s a damn shame.

Robot vs. Badger has Hot Rods and Hot Rockabilly Girls. I guess that will kind of be the theme. has the 17 Sexiest Suicide Girls. I think I’ve posted that link before, but there’s nothing wrong with checking it out again.

For something completely different, here are some surfer girls over at theChive.

And why not? Here are some more surfer girls at AcidCow.

Bonus: Another gallery from Sad Man’s Tongue, and this one is much less safe for work than the first one.

Everyone have a great Friday!

Update: Linked up at Proof Positive and Regular Right Guy. Thanks fellas! Check out their Rule 5 links while you’re here.

Proof Positive: Friday Night Babe

Regular Right Guy: Rule 5: Israeli Women

Update II: Donald Douglas sends some linkage. Check out American Power’s post on former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson turning state’s witness.

Update III: Linked under the radar by Wombat-socho at The Other McCain. Go check out some of the crazy shit they’ve been reporting over there and hit the tip jar.



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