This Stupid Week, Shake It Out Edition

bikini-rifle-girlHappy Monday friends and everyone else. The shutdown continues, yet somehow WordPress is still functional and the Internet hasn’t gone cold. Just remember, you didn’t build that, so if it’s all shut down tomorrow it means that some department somewhere was tired of seeing us having fun on this thing. Okay, that last part doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but whatevs.

Linkfest, suckas!

From The Other McCain, a crazy woman crashed a car into a barricade at the White House last week and wound up ventilated. Naturally, Lefties on Twitter blamed the Tea Party before deciding that she was murdered by police when the facts came to light.

Mike G just sent me this post from Phoebe’s Detention Room about the National Park Service basically shutting down tourist revenue for an entire county in Tennessee. Quote from the original article: “Resident Buzz King said the shutdown of the Parkway has already created hardships for the mountain town.” Who you gonna trust, Barack Obama or a guy named Buzz?

Speaking of Mike G, overseas military had the Armed Forces Network shut down by President Petulant because Evil Republicans.

From Valley of the Shadow, yes, Democrats, especially those in Congress, are the zombies that they’ve accused the rest of us of being.

Annie Lennox decries “the tidal wave of sexualised imagery” being paraded about by young pop tarts. Donald Douglas at American Power has the report.

idf-chicksSan Francisco Bay Area liberals are watching their health care premiums skyrocket and are finally figuring out that they’re the ones who will have to pay for Obamacare. Read Ace‘s take on it, because it’s funny and he uses the word “schadenboner.”

More shutdown crap! Regular Right Guy notes that the drum circle has been thrown out of Malcolm X Park. That sounds like a great place to be after dark.

At The Political Hat, the sad story of the Belgian female-to-male transsexual who committed state-sanctioned suicide after her surgeries didn’t give her what she wanted. That’s Utopia for you folks.

Via The Daley Gator, the site of defunct Obama funded Abound Solar will cost $3.7 million to clean up. Good thing we’re spending all this money on clean energy.

Weekly World News: Washington DC turns to the alien P’Lod for advice and cash assistance in the wake of the government shutdown.

Have a bearable Tuesday everyone.

idf-chickUpdate: Re-blogged by Dead Richard Nixon. Sorry Dick, Mary Carey is still getting my endorsement.



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