Pretty Girls on a Saturday, Brazil Edition



Never let it be said that Blackmailers Don’t Shoot isn’t a gracious host. As promised, here is the second Rule 5 post of the week. Today were bringing you to Brazil, because for whatever reason they just look really good down there. As always, all links are to be considered NSFW before proven innocent.

The ladies above are from, in the aptly titled Brazilian Girls Just Because We Can. claims to have the 20 Hottest Brazilian Girls on the Internet. Check it out to see if they’re telling the truth.

Plunder Guide also claims to have the Top 25 Brazilian Babes. Who is right?

Want to see Brazilian Girls in Bikinis? TheChive has what you’re looking for.

San Diego radio station Star 94.1 has more Brazilian goodness.

Bonus: Hot and Sexy Brazilian Girls from Xaxor. 35 of ’em.

Happy Saturday! Everyone get some rest.

Update: Linked at Regular Right Guy.

Update: The Wombat works his magic. By the way, RS McCain, Wombat-socho and Smitty are all celebrating birthdays this week. Hit the freaking tip jar. It’s nice getting a birthday present.

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