Pretty Girls on a Friday, Shutdown Edition

flag-bikiniHuh. I’ve been so busy with the government shutdown (that I said I wouldn’t write about) that I forgot about the important things. You’ve been promised two Rule 5 posts this week, so I’ll bring you all another one tomorrow. We’re getting our patriotism on again at Blackmailers Don’t Shoot, so sit back and enjoy.

The picture above is from AcidCow. 58 pics of babes wearing the American flag. Click the link.

More hot chicks wearing the flag at Superficial Gallery. Click-click.

More over at Sportige. C’mon, give it a click.

Girls in American flag bikinis at The Daily Caller. Get your Rule 5 and your politics in one dose.

Big slideshow with 75 images over at Coed. You know you want to.

Bonus: Some general Rule 5 at theChive.

Happy Friday peeps!

Update: The Wombat works his magic. By the way, RS McCain, Wombat-socho and Smitty are all celebrating birthdays this week. Hit the freaking tip jar. It’s nice getting a birthday present.



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