This Stupid Week, con Queso Edition


Today we’ll dispense with the formalities.


The post that got Regular Right Guy denounced here is actually pretty good. It’s also the only time I’ll mention the shutdown.

Smitty at The Other McCain takes apart a email.

Ph.D. student writes letter rejecting diversity training. American Power has the story.

Ace writes about the swinging British universities that are going back to the Footloose days.

Mike G reminds us that John McCain is still a useless, incontinent old fool.

The meaning of Socialism to Americans, as explained by Dead Richard Nixon.

The Political Hat on the Left’s attempt to abolish gender.

Global Warming douchebaggery, reported by The Daley Gator.

UrbanGrounds on the kid suspended from school for playing with a toy gun in his own yard.

From College Insurrection, Canadian universities also don’t like free speech. Not very surprising.

Beirut blogging from Lee Stranahan.

Via the Weekly World News, Oprah has adopted Lindsay Lohan.

Happy Monday everyone! Stay frosty.



    • Chandler's Ghost

      To quote my favorite line from The Last Emperor, “These are not accusations! You are a traitor! You are a counterrevolutionary!”

      I take any chance I can get to write that.

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