Blackmailers Don’t Shoot Denounces Regular Right Guy

Updated at the bottom

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot denounces the blogger known as Regular Right Guy for betraying the glorious cause of electing Mary Cary for President in 2016. What makes this betrayal even worse than normal is the fact that RRG didn’t give us time to write a red-faced vein-popping rant on why America must elect Ms. Carey as our next President. And how did this traitorous counterrevolutionary announce his plan? Three words: “Mary Carey sucks.” Seriously, I – er, we – can’t even work with this. The only response is a lewd joke that would screw up this blog’s PG-13 rating.

What ever happened to diversity? There are tons of old dudes (and old women who look like dudes) in Washington. Why on Earth would one switch his support from Mary Carey to an old dead white guy? No offense Mr. President. RRG, do you not see that Mary Carey is cute and bubbly and will finally be old enough to run for President in 2016?

Sir, have you no shame?

Sir, have you no shame?

RRG will remain on the blogroll as a Friend of the Blog because he links here and sends us traffic, and because he’s a pretty cool guy and you should read his blog, but Regular, you’re getting the serious stink eye over here.

Update: Reblogged at Dead Citizen’s Rights Society.

Update II: The only people who benefit from metablogging are those participating in it, so Blackmailers Don’t Shoot will have two Rule 5 posts this week as an act of penance.

Update III: That’s right suckas!