Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Snow Bunnies Edition

snow-bunnyAutumn is the time of year when the temperatures in L.A. drop to a brisk 80 degrees and we break out our parkas before the winter rainy season sets in. The rest of you can have your low taxes, lack of job-killing regulations, high quality of life, and the fact that the northwestern edge of your city isn’t the porn capital of the world. We have decent weather. So here are snow bunnies. It’s a little early, but why not?

The young lady above is from BNQT’s Sensational Snow Bunnies.

Holy Taco has 25 Sexy Snow Bunnies. has a 20 Pictures of Sexy Snow Bunnies gallery.

Guyism has A Guyism tribute to snow bunnies. If you think I don’t know how ridiculous it is for women in bikinis to be running around in the snow, you’re wrong. And I don’t care.

Shock Mansion has Hot and Cold at the Same Time. Some duplicates here.

Bonus: Bro My God: Snow Bunnies in Bikinis.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Update: Linked up at Regular Right Guy and Proof Positive, who just became another accidental friend of the blog.

Update II: Linked at American Power. Thanks!

Update III: We’ve just been Wombatted. Overall, a good week for Rule 5.



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