This Stupid Week, No Rest for the Wicked Edition

smg-chickEvening peeps. I worked the late shift today, so the linkfest will be short and quick. Thanks to everyone who made yesterday the blog’s craziest traffic day by far.

Yawn. Linkfest!

Mother Jones contributor demands socialist revolution as a balm to his self-esteem. (The Other McCain)

Global Warming is still a fraud, and here’s more proof. (American Power)

Wait until a church turns down a gay wedding. This bakery is kids’ stuff. (The Political Hat)

Sarah Palin shows Republicans in Congress the pimp hand. (Regular Right Guy)

Lindsey Graham is mad that he didn’t get a war in Syria, and now wants a war in Iran. (That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

Harry Reid takes a doodle in his pants. (The Daley Gator)

I agree with TC on the best way to go forward with ObamaCare. (Leather Penguin)

Disgusting community organizer who bent over for Putin and Assad gives angry gun control stump speech during a funeral. (Hot Air)

Disgusting community organizer pulled health care promises out of his Putin and Assad ravaged bunghole. (Ace)

Aliens spaceships from Planet Gootan to attack Earth in December. Disgusting community organizer: “Uhh…Nanoo nanoo friends.” (Weekly World News)

Happy Monday and have a great week.



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