LA Times: Union Goons Steal Millions from Ratepayers

The L.A. Times actually reported this, so I can’t say anything mean about them for at least two hours.

The Joint Training Institute and the Joint Safety Institute, controlled by [Department of Water and Power] managers and union leaders, have received up to $4 million per year since their creation more than a decade ago after a contentious round of job cutbacks at one of the nation’s largest municipal utilities.

Nearly all of the nonprofits’ money comes from DWP ratepayers, records show. About $1 million per year has been used to pay the salaries of a handful of administrators, according to the limited records the utility has provided to The Times under the California Public Records Act.

If you’re in L.A. and wondering why your electricity bill keeps going up, rest assured that your money is being spent “to promote ‘communication, mutual trust and respect’ between DWP managers and the electrical workers’ union.” And if you’re asking yourself “Isn’t that what a union is for?” well, shut up.

What do you suppose the odds are that the IRS is going to investigate a multimillion dollar tax-exempt slush fund that’s just been blown open in a major American newspaper? I mean, if they’re so damn anal-retentive that minor Tea Party groups with a few thousand bucks in the bank get the full on strip search, then surely a massive scam by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers that was bought and paid for by just about anyone in L.A. who uses electricity deserves a little scrutiny. Lois Lerner, white courtesy phone.

Oh, and apparently the DWP is also threatening a strike. They should have been a little chastened when their sock monkey Wendy Greuel went down in flames to Eric Garcetti, but they’re not a particularly bright crowd.

Update: If this ain’t your cup of tea, Regular Right Guy has a Brigitte Bardot post up for some retro Rule 5 goodness.



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