Pretty Girls on a Thursday, End of Summer Edition

suns_out_buns_outBut enough of that boring shit. It’s Thursday, and I know the real reason you all show up here on Friday’s Friday. It’s the end of summer, I’m tired, and you all are getting some more bikini girls. Lazy? Perhaps, but so far no one is complaining.

The image above is from Idor Class. 34 images, so check it out.

Izismile has Hooters Swimsuit Pageant babes. 59 images.

The Campus Girls USA calendar, featuring Casey from the Class of 2010 at University of Minnesota. Must not have been cold that day.

Here are some bikini girls at Daytona Beach from AcidCow. Slightly more NSFW than the others.

Another big gallery from Shock Mansion. You have to scroll down a little.

Bonus: A slideshow of girls in patriotic bikinis, and none of them are Sydney Leathers.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Update: Linked at one of American Power’s massive Rule 5 roundups.

Update II: The Wombat tears it up; The Wombat tears it down.

Update III: Linked at Classical Liberal.



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