This Stupid Week, Ride to Hell Edition

Image swiped from My Gun Diary

Image swiped from My Gun Diary

I’m getting up at 5:00 tomorrow to drive out to one of the 9 to 5’s satellite offices and babysit a vendor, so the linkfest will be blessedly short on my commentary. As will this paragraph.


If you’re looking for responsible coverage of today’s shooting in DC, check out The Other McCain.

Mike G has the (satirical) first draft of Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times, courtesy of The New York Post.

Regular Right Guy on Miley Cyrus. Funny stuff.

Taxpayer funded left wing media organ looking to cut staff. Becca Lower has a recommendation.

The Daley Gator on how banning certain types of behavior in public=hate.

TC at Leather Penguin had too much of a good time over the weekend.

The Political Hat has a spark of hope for California.

According to the Weekly World News, you can now book a one way trip to Mars.

OregonMuse at Ace of Spades HQ has a very useful post on the kind of academic garbage behind people visibilizing their douchery.

Agent 54 has an update on the Ron Burgundy Campaign. I still back Mary Carey. For President now. More on that later.

Donald Douglas at American Power reports that PETA is mad at Katy Perry. Which isn’t the reason why you should click the link.

Pat Dollard‘s headline about Amanda Lickers is even less polite than what I would write.

Short fest this week folks. Happy Monday and do as the song says.



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