Rare Saturday Post and Minor Blog Maintenance

Blackmailers Don’t Shoot had its best traffic day yesterday thanks to The Other McCain, Regular Right Guy and whoever was posting the blog on Facebook and Twitter. I needed a cigarette after all of that.

I’ve added a few sites to the assorted blogrolls. If you’re not on one of them and you think that that should change, leave me a comment with your URL. The spam filter might block it, but I look through that in case good comments get picked up.

Have a great Saturday, and here are some links from around the sphere.

Victor Davis Hanson: The Myth of a California Renaissance

Robert Stacy McCain: Of Course, This Is What Republicans Need: More Advice From Their Enemies!

Regular Right Guy: Kerry’s John Kerry Mask Shows Hairline Fractures After Ruskie Mocking

Hot Air: Oh, boy: White House rejects Labor’s bid for an ObamaCare exemption

Ace: Foul-Mouthed Semi-Nude Hippie With Apparent Strip-Club Addiction Proclaims He Represents the Real People of Minneapolis Open Thread



  1. Regular Right Guy

    Thanks for the linkage, Blackie. I think the real credit goes to The Other McCain; looks like we’re both having a good month. Mike, I’ve linked you, brother. What you’re doing is just great.