Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Stories from a Sad Man’s Tongue Edition

legs-nylons-stockingsThis week I’m linking the hell out of Sad Man’s Tongue Rockabilly Bar & Bistro, one of my favorite non-political blogs. Sad Man’s Tongue is what you get when you mix attractive women, food and rock n’ roll and name it after an homage to Johnny Cash by a Danish heavy metal band. Read that sentence again, ask yourself why you didn’t come up with it yourself, and then realize that that kind of simplicity  requires its own form of genius. Click the links, read around and bookmark this sucker. Some of the blog is Not Safe for Work but nothing will get you kicked out of your house.

The pair of legs pictured above are from Legs Gallery 111, which features a cover of Dusty Springfield’s I Only Want to Be with You by Volbeat, the aforementioned Danish metal band.

bianca-bombshellThis is Bianca Bombshell. Click the link and you not only get a gallery of Bianca, but you also get a recipe for a grilled chicken and roast red pepper sandwich. Yes, there’s a whole series of posts with pin up girls cooking.

inked-girlI realize that some people aren’t into tattoos, but if you are or you just don’t mind them, here’s one of many Inked Girls and Their Body Art galleries.

Pinup Artist Zoe Mozert Painting Fashion ModelThis is classic pin up artist Zoë Mozert in the middle of a project. Click the link to see some of her finished work.

libero-apiFinally, here’s a Rockabilly Girls Style Gallery by photographer Libero Api. Lots more where this came from, folks, lots more where this came from.

Happy Friday and everyone have a great weekend!

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