Local Democrat Wants to Be Another Nail in California’s Coffin

I got mail.

Today’s post (and some that are on the way) is courtesy of one Andra Hoffman, a Van Nuys native and government worker who is running for Assemblywoman in California’s 45th District, which is the San Fernando Valley and some of the surrounding area. I received some junk mail from her campaign, and I had a lot of trouble deciding whether I was going to fisk her biography or her positions on the issues. In the end the issues won. Just know that Andra Hoffman teaches at Glendale City College and belongs to numerous organizations that further the advancement of bureaucrats.

So here’s a sip of the Haterade. The stuff from Hoffman’s website is in italics.

Andra Hoffman on Education:

An educated work force means economic growth for our state, success for our business community and jobs for our people. Education also is our greatest crime prevention program.

It doesn’t matter if the workforce is educated if no one wants to open a business in the state, and since California puts as many roadblocks as possible in the way of entrepreneurship, one would have to be crazy to want to start a business here.

That California is 49th among the 50 states in per-pupil spending is not acceptable. Neither is it acceptable that more than 18 percent of those who start elementary school in California drop out before graduating from high school.

The second sentence is true, but the first is a typical example of someone lying with facts to make an argument for more government spending. California might be 49th in terms of per-pupil spending, but it ain’t 49th in teacher salaries. The state also ranks 14th in administrative spending. This isn’t about a lack of funding, but rather a state run by Democrats who prioritize the needs of unions over the needs of kids, and that might do a lot more to explain that pathetic dropout rate.

As a legislator I will champion the cause of restoring the cuts of the last several years and, as the economy continues to improve, I will advocate and vote for increased funding for public education.

I’m not sure if Andra Hoffman is dumb or delusional, but in order for the economy to “[continue] to improve,” it first has to start improving. And if, in spite of the kinds of policies advocated by people like Andra Hoffman, the economy does improve, dumping more money into a failing system is hardly a solution.

I will bring 16 years of experience at a California community college to the legislature along with knowledge of the students we serve. Universal pre-kindergarten programs, improved transfer rates for community college students, vocational education beginning in middle school through community college, job training and training and education for veterans are things in which I believe deeply.

Translation: I believe deeply in confiscating other people’s money and spending it on jobs programs for public employee unions. But I’m a Democrat, so you already knew that.

We must not just hold the line on increases in tuitions and fees at our colleges and universities, we must seek ways to roll them back and make higher education more affordable for the children of working families.

Everyone should know by now that when a Democrat talks about “working families,” he or she is talking about people on welfare, government workers and illegal immigrants. In other words, people who don’t work and people who shouldn’t be working.

Next up: Andra Hoffman on abortion. And remember the progressive definition of “hate:”

hate \ˈhāt\

n. The act of refusing to believe that which is obviously untrue.

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