This Stupid Week, Workers of the World Unite Edition

Image swiped from Cordite in the Morning

Image swiped from Cordite in the Morning

I’ve been kicking around a post all weekend entitled Global Warming Is Fake, Bradley Manning Is a Dude, and Other Assorted Haterisms. The gist of the post is that the Progressive definition of hate is

hate \ˈhāt\

n. The act of refusing to believe that which is obviously untrue.

The problem is that Stacy McCain has a better work ethic than me, Regular Right Guy is faster than me and Ace is funnier than me. I’ll go into detail in the linkfest, but the short version of the story is that the title of this feature has never been so apt. This has truly been a stupid week. The idiocy that has bubbled out in the last seven or eight days is stuff that I knew would eventually emerge, but I was hoping that I would be long dead before it happened.

If, like me, you’re lucky enough to have the day off, happy Labor Day. For everyone else, happy Monday and enjoy the ‘fest.

Washington Post Gives Mark Berndt Its Blessing

Forget anything nice that I have ever said about the Washington Post. On Friday, WaPo published an opinion piece by lawyer turned painter Betsy Karasik telling all of us regressive troglodytes that we need to stop getting so damn uptight about high school teachers having sex with their students. You can find the link somewhere if you’re curious, but as far as I’m concerned the thing has already received its share of hits. Anyway, McCain jumped right on it and followed it up with an observation on the Left in general. Regular Right Guy said what I wanted to say without all of my rambling. Finally, Ace wrote one of the funniest takedowns that I’ve read in years. Criminy guys. I just can’t compete.

All Your Kids Are Belong to Us

It’s hard to believe that WaPo and Slate still don’t belong to the same parent company, because on Thursday one genius there wrote what could be a companion piece to Karasik’s drivel. Alison Benedikt drooled a barely argued essay on why all parents should send their kids to public schools, even the really bad ones, because somehow in several generations the schools will improve. This would be a great benefit to unions and pedophile teachers, so I guess Slate’s readership was satisfied with the piece.

In related news, The Political Hat reports that elementary school students in Illinois are being taught to thing of the government as “a nation’s family.” Which is probably true in some parts of Chicago.

Other Stupid News

More fast food workers go on strike across the country. Mike G shares my contempt.

Via UrbanGrounds, Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to death. Wait, that’s great news.

Salon, which hasn’t been worth reading since Camille Paglia left, totally gets Bruce Springsteen wrong. Leather Penguin provides mockery.

Dumb chick with daddy issues is actually the second coming of Hitler. Via The Daily Caller.

Finally, the Weekly World News reports that Charlie Sheen went to Alaska and found a kushtaka (half-man, half-otter.) Awesome.

Update: Linked up at Regular Right Guy. Cool.



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