Jody Rosen Has White Privilege All Over His Face

That was the title of the post I was going to write yesterday, until I figured out that half the planet had already made fun of him. To recap, Jody Rosen wrote in Vulture that Miley Cyrus doing her idiotic jiggle dance on MTV was a horrible act of overt racism. Rosen apparently never learned one particular thing about crying racism – if you’re a dorky white media critic, people don’t have to be defensive when making fun of you.

I spent years as a captive audience to some of the most idiotic ideas that highly educated and sometimes intelligent people can spout, and judging by some of the academics on my Facebook feed posting links to Rosen’s PC brain fart, he wouldn’t be at all out of place. It’s been happening for a while now, but these dumb ideas have really started to come out of their academic confines and are beginning to appear in more popular venues, which I personally think is great.

There are people out there who are trained and indoctrinated into ferreting out racism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, etc., but they’re a pretty small group. Normal people find it annoying when they can’t enjoy anything without some effete blowhard getting his panties in a bunch and screeching about something that isn’t there. Believe it or not, even many liberals have a breaking point, as I discovered when I explained Queer Theory to an otherwise very liberal friend.

Stupid ideas need exposure and mockery, because people need to know that they’re not alone when they think that a guy like Jody Rosen is a self-righteous tool.

Update: I’d like to thank the Academy and TC at Leather Penguin. And myself.



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