Weiner Gal Pal Does Show-All Video Sure to Be Seen by Five People

The noted political philosopher speaking with Sean Hannity.

The noted political philosopher speaking with Sean Hannity.

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s cyber girlfriend Sydney Leathers confirmed that she made a hardcore porn video for Vivid Entertainment, set for release on Wednesday. Two weeks after allegedly giving the Internet herpes in a solo video, the zaftig temptress has reportedly explored new and unknown venereal diseases with costar Xander Corvus.

In one screen grab from the Vivid Entertainment video, Leathers is walking down the street wearing a fake campaign tee that reads, “Erect Carlos Danger for Mayor,” a reference to the now-famous alias he used during their online affair.

Other sneak-peek stills shared with the Daily News show the Weiner character pulling her head back and kissing her neck.

Leathers told the New York Daily News,

My whole thing is, even if I’m cashing in my body, it’s my body to cash in on. It was my choice…No one knows what’s best for me better than I do. And obviously I wouldn’t have done it if I thought it was going to ruin my life…There were certain things I wouldn’t think about doing.

It is rumored that Vivid Entertainment was not willing to pay Leathers to do the “things [she] wouldn’t think about doing.” Reportedly, that would have cost five bucks.

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