California Does Not Deserve Democracy


Californians are the stupidest people on the planet. That’s the only explanation for why a state would choose the corpse of Jerry Brown, Bob Filner, Nancy Pelosi, and Loretta Sanchez as its political elites. These geniuses are just that much smarter than the average California voter. At some point normal people would realize that they’re paying people to screw them over, mis-manage the state and legislate against their own interests, but in California it’s standard operating procedure.

California votes in Democrats and then the state has record gun sales. California voters reject the Edmund G Brown Memorial High Speed Rail, and then give Democrats super majorities in the Legislature. If you were a politician in California, why on Earth would you even bother listening to what the public wants? They’ll just reelect you.

Now the good legislators want to turn the entire state into the city of Bell with Assembly Bill 4, known as the “Trust Act,” which will “limit local law enforcement’s role in working with federal authorities to begin deportation proceedings” against illegal immigrants. This would effectively make California a sanctuary state, making it a gigantic magnet for unskilled illegal immigrants looking to collect free stuff in their new home country. After all, if you’re not completely welcome in Arizona, there’s another state that’s just begging you to come on over.

The last time this bill passed Congress Moonbeam vetoed it, probably because the various police unions were controlling the strings at the time, but this time it’s been watered down and has the support of a certain botoxed San Francisco harpy, which might be too much for our esteemed Governor to ignore.

People of California, your government hates you. It hates your non-union job. It hates your community. It hates your savings. Your government hates everything that you have ever achieved. And you will keep voting them in every election long after the state has gone bankrupt.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I shouldn’t vote.

Hat tip to Mike G.



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