This Stupid Week, Freddie Mercury Edition

shotgun-chicksToday’s installment of This Stupid Week is brought to you by Queen Nation, the Queen tribute band that will be putting on a free show in the Valley on Sunday. If you’re in the area, drop by Warner Center and rock out to Keep Yourself Alive and other fine tunes. You should be thanking me, because I was going to start this with a long rant on how awesome Freddie Mercury was, and then I was like eh, it’s Monday and I don’t really feel like it.

So on to the linkfest.


Abortion Barbie is planning a run for Governor of Texas. Another job for Mary Carey of course, since everything is bigger in Texas. (UrbanGrounds)

Sean Hannity kicks off the WABC death clock. Noted annoying turd Michael Savage (aka Weiner) thinks that he’s finally going to get his big break. (Leather Penguin)

South Carolina: please get rid of Lindsey Graham. I need to live vicariously through a state that doesn’t suck. (That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

RNC passes ban on NBC and CNN debates if Hillary Clinton hagiographies are broadcast. (Ace)

By the way? Best news ever. Joe Biden is planning a 2016 run. (American Power)


Aliens from Planet Zeeba reportedly spotted over Texas. (Weekly World News)

A collection of major randomness that somehow works. (Goodstuff’s Cyber World)

Gaming nerds might still be able to look forward to Half Life 3. (Pixcelation Entertainment)

Yoko Ono posts something vapid on Twitter. People make fun of her. (Twitchy)

12 reviews of non-blockbuster movies. (Wonderful Cinema)

Sex Scandals!

Noted political theorist Sydney Leathers goes on Hannity. Her dad must be so proud. (Regular Right Guy)

Celebrated civil rights activist Kaitlyn Hunt caught sending dirty selfies to underage girlfriend. (The Other McCain)

Dozens rally in support of statesman Robert “Filthy” Filner. (Hot Air)

New York Daily News not a big fan of Eliot Spitzer. (Moe Lane)

Is it possible that public intellectual Hugo Schwyzer is a total fraud? (Ann Althouse)

Happy Monday!



  1. Shimky

    Many thanks for the reblog!

    I love Queen. The only time I’ve ever cried when someone I haven’t met died: 1991. I’m sure it will happen again with Clint Eastwood.

    Favourite song: Under Pressure

    Favourite album: A Night At The Opera

    Favourite song not sung by Mercury: I’m In Love With My Car

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  4. thatmrgguy

    We’re doing our best to get rid of Light in the Loafers Graham. Thanks for the link. Mine and my Grand Daughter’s favorite Queen song is Bohemian Rhapsody.