Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Girls of Summer Edition


Screw this rat race. I’m taking tomorrow off from the 9 to 5 and going to the zoo. Tonight’s Pretty Girls on a Thursday is devoted to bikini girls. I’m not proud of my laziness, but that’s just how today is gonna roll.

First, theChive gives thanks for the return of bikini season. Which was two months ago, when this was originally posted. That’s who brings us the image above.

Here’s a browser-killing 79 images from AcidCow. We love summer too, guys.

Another bikini season post, this time from Caveman Circus. I feel like I should be making some kind of douchey joke with every link.

Heavy tries to be a little more creative, and gives us 20 girls in bikinis and necklaces. Hell, why not?

TheRackup has another gallery. I just realized that this entire post is kind of a douchey joke.

Bonus: A gallery from Bro My God. And I’m totally serious about the zoo.

Update: Sweet. Linked by Wombat-socho.



    • Chandler's Ghost

      Well that’s easy. Tuesday. It’s the day of the week when everyone needs a pick-me-up. After all, no one likes Monday, Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is Friday’s Friday, and Friday is, well, Friday. Tuesday is just blah, and we all need some motivation when we’re blah.

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