Feminist Says Something Sensible; Other Feminists Go Insane

Praise God and pass the popcorn. When noted male feminist and Pasadena City College Women’s Studies Professor Hugo Schwyzer had a massive meltdown on Twitter after being caught doing the Carlos Danger with porn star Christina Parreira, I thought that it was going to be one of those one-off chances to laugh at a douchebag academic. Apparently the blogging gods are in a good mood, though, because this whole thing is going from a kerfuffle to a full-blown donnybrook.

At some point during the freakout Feministe author Jill Filipovic gave Schwyzer a rather sound piece of advice:

Which is a totally rational thing to tell someone who is in the depths of his own personal Hell, but feminists can never pass up an opportunity to be outraged. See, apparently Schwyzer stepped on a few toes on his way to becoming the pre-eminent beta male that he now is, and those toes happened to belong to minority feminists. Oops.

You can read the explosion of PC hilarity over at Twitchy. You can also get the lowdown on the creepy Porn Professor Schwyzer at The Other McCain. This whole thing is like Christmas in August.

By the way, here’s Christina Parreira:

Not bad if you like the Snooki look.

Not bad if you like the Snooki look.




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