This Stupid Week, SEO Edition


People are apparently still landing at this blog by doing Google searches for “jailbait sex.” Sorry guys, but I can’t say it wasn’t intentional. Second, to the person who wanted to know whether to buy Far Cry 3 or The Last of Us, I would recommend saving up the money and buying both. They’re completely different games and they’re both awesome. Finally, to the person who wants to know who the next mayor of New York will be, well duh. Everyone knows it will be Mary Carey.

Here’s the linkfest.


Male feminist professor goes off his nut on Twitter. Hilarity. (American Power)

A vote for Matt Bevin is a vote against Mitch McConnell. Yeah, it’s been a long day. (Lowering the Boom)

Meet the dirtbag surfer who is proudly hosing the taxpayers. (UrbanGrounds)

While we’re on the subject of getting rid of entrenched Republican Senators, perhaps it’s time for Lindsey Graham to go as well. (That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

Deconstructing SlutWalk DC, with pictures. (The Other McCain)

You can make a career out of McDonalds, but not at the deep fryer. (Misfit Politics)

Bo the Dog gets a vacation and his own plane. (The People’s Cube)

Lily white artist oozes white guilt all over your computer screen. (The Political Hat)

Non Political

Sharks have been spotted in New York City’s subway. Yet another job for Mary Carey. (Weekly World News)

Lindsay Lohan does a soft core porn that fails spectacularly. Trainwrecks are awesome. (Regular Right Guy)

Speaking of porn, here’s some of the food variety. (Domestic Geek Girl)

Happy Monday. It’s a short post this week. Here’s Ticket to Ride, the Beatles tribute band that played out here yesterday.




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