Sydney Leathers Writes Sex Advice Column; Internet Diagnosed with Herpes

The children are our future.

The children are our future.

That’s the title of the post I was going to write yesterday before I scrapped it. It was going to be a short ViralRead style factual post mixed with The Onion. The story before that was entitled “Sniveling Cuckold Richard Cohen Rushes to Huma’s Defense,” and it was to be a vein-popping professional wrestling style rant.

Obviously, neither one happened, and I began to wonder if God hadn’t cursed me with crippling writer’s block for making so much hay about Weinerpalooza. Then I got a trackback from Regular Right Guy, and I was reminded of that song by that obscure rock band about getting by with help from a friend.

RRG does a brief but very accurate fisking of Sydney’s farts of genius (link goes to Weasel Zippers.) Here’s an example:

#6:Go for someone who you know is tempted by hot chicks online. Once he’s interested, find out his fetish as soon as you can. (So Anthony likes wide, kind of used up asses? Check.)

Read the whole thing, as the pros like to say. I promise I’m working on more content.

Mary Carey for Mayor of New York – Ain’t no skeletons in that closet.




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