This Stupid Week, Sunshine in the Morning Edition

girl-with-gunsI was going to write a post on the Sydney Leathers sex tape, and it was going to be really funny. The post was rolling around in my head all day at work, and oh man, was it ever a scorcher. Then I sat down to write it, and kept deleting the first two sentences and trying to rewrite them, and it all just kept sounding so damn depressing. I’m not done with Carlos Danger and his stable of idiots quite yet, but it’s just not happening today.

Yawn. Linkfest.


Anthony Bialy recaps the standard liberal explanation that comes out every single time liberal policies fail. (The Necropolitan Sentinel)

Gay couple in England going to court to force church to marry them. Hey, did anyone see that coming from 100 miles away? (Leather Penguin)

Will the real Huma Abedin please stand up? (UrbanGrounds)

Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul. I know what side I’m on. (Regular Right Guy)

We call ourselves conservatives, but what is left that is worth conserving? (The Camp of the Saints)

Al Sharpton no longer interested in Tawana Brawley’s well being. LOL. (Da Tech Guy)

Time to throw the bums out. (The Other McCain)

Slate gives Salon a run for its money in the stupid department. (Ace)

Seattle gives San Francisco a run for its money in the stupid department. (Hot Air)

Mary Carey, the future mayor of New York City, threw this blog a bunch of traffic over the weekend. She does a political news podcast here in L.A. that’s pretty entertaining. (Politically Naughty)


A guy has a really bad day and a truck does something that I didn’t know a truck could do. (That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

Gynji’s husband graduated from Navy Boot Camp. Congrats! (Domestic Geek Girl)

Watched 1990’s The Grifters yesterday based on this review. It’s a good piece of Southern California neo-noire. (Wonderful Cinema)

Olga the Headless Lady illusion from the 1930s. (The Year of Halloween)

An atheist repudiates moral relativism. (Home Runs, Apple Pie & Rock n’ Roll)

Happy Monday everyone!

Update: Linked at Regular Right Guy.



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