Support Growing for Mary Carey for Mayor of New York

Alternate headline: I Was Tweeted by a Porn Star and My Girlfriend Didn’t Get Mad

Last week when Blackmailers Don’t Shoot boldly threw its support behind undeclared New York City mayoral candidate and former porn star Mary Carey, many people balked. They told us we were crazy. They told us that it was impossible. They told us that the joke wasn’t very funny.

They were wrong.

For not only is Ms. Carey now aware that she is running for mayor, but support for her candidacy is beginning to grow. So you naysayers, worrywarts and pessimists can go pound sand.

Growing support for a bold new movement.

Growing support for a bold new movement.

The last thing that New York City needs is some amateur who can’t get aroused when he isn’t in the presence of a cell phone, and can carry on a tawdry affair without actually getting any. No, what New York needs is big ideas. And big boobs.

For America

For America

Mary Carey for Mayor – because New York doesn’t need a dried up old Weiner.

Update: Reblogged by Mike G. He received part of today’s Mary Careylanche.

Update 2: Welcome to Mary Carey’s friends and fans. And thanks to Mary Carey for being so cool.

Update 3: Reblogged with commentary by Regular Right Guy.



  1. Regular Right Guy

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    Joke? I, for one, do not think this is a joke. At least Mary Carey can get picked up in bars. Not that she’d want to. I’m not sure about the porn star etiquette on stuff like that. My whole point is… Anthony Weiner. So what if he’s reached the age where he can start a fire on the beach with only a pocketknife and a rock? He has to hide in the WC to get off!

    And Mary Carey will almost certainly let you have all the Big Gulps you want… and you can smoke while you’re gulping and stuff. So what’ll it be America, porn star of pervert? I will not say she’ll work hard for the money. I will not say that.