Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Chicks with Guns Edition

From AcidCow

From AcidCow

Lazy, I know. I’m taking a short break from the saga of Carlos Danger to do the regular Rule 5 feature. Just FYI, though, I’m not done with Mr. Danger. This isn’t another Trayvon where I feel slightly guilty about devoting a bunch of blog space to something. I’ll explain later.

First, here is a gallery from AcidCow. 30 images. The lady above is from this gallery.

About 60 images from The Daily Fix. has a gallery of girls with weapons. Guns aren’t always the most efficient tools.

30 images from theChive. Girls and guns are like milk and cookies.

The International Association of Haters has 44 images. Some dudes thrown in if you’re into that.

Bonus: Some bro-tastic (and probably NSFW) images from Brosome.


Update: Linked by the Wombat with a bonus music video.


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