Ballad of Carlos Danger Gets Even Dumber

So, raise your hand if you didn’t already think that Sydney Leathers was a kook. That’s pretty much what I thought. This group of yahoos is an absolute freaking gold mine.

Apparently when Anthony Weiner’s zaftig cyber-girlfriend wasn’t standing up for the downtrodden and sending dirty pictures to liberal politicians, she was supplementing whatever income she had by being a de facto prostitute. Via The Other McCain and American Power, the Brits are really the best when it comes to sex scandals:

“The girl at the heart of Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal claims to have earned thousands of dollars by having sex with older men and offering ‘dates for dollars,’ MailOnline can reveal.

In a series of explosive Facebook communications, published here for the first time, Sydney Leathers boasts of offering sex for payment.

She speaks of her rampant drug use, her desire to ‘ruin’ Weiner and fear that she herself was being blackmailed.”

Leathers bragged to Facebook activist Lou Colagiovanni that she made thousands of dollars from older men that she met at sugar daddy websites. Quoth Leathers, “I don’t have to do anything except pretend I like it though so it’s not a bad gig lol.”

I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks…

I spotted something on CNN the other day and wasn’t sure what to do with it, but now we have some new context. Colagiovanni told Leathers that she cold probably make a lot of money selling the story, writing “[t]here is not a doubt in my mind that we won’t makes (sic) thousands and thousands of dollars.”

Now Colagiovanni is trying to sell his side of the story, telling CNN, “she misled me in her ideas of what she wanted to have happen here…So why I’m talking to you now is, I want my story to get out there…I have bills to pay…Everybody does.”

Please God tell me this is true!

Now Sydney Leathers has been seen in Los Angeles hanging around with Steve Hirsch from Vivid Video. If you don’t know what that is, just know that Googling it might disappoint your mother. The Daily Beast hosed off porn star Aurora Snow, who wrote an open letter discouraging such an idea, but I say that Ms. Leathers should cash in on this any way she can. Because I guarantee that even though only five or so people will watch the video out of morbid curiosity, it will certainly give me something to blog about.

Part of me really hopes that these idiots never go away. This blog would make a great scandal sheet.

Update: Does she have crazy eyes or stupid eyes?



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