This Stupid Week, Oh Sherry Edition

Image swiped from Emotionally 14.

Image swiped from Emotionally 14.

Guess who got to see DSB, the world’s greatest Journey cover band, last night? That’s right, me. I’m in a good mood tonight, so This Stupid Week will be longer on links but shorter on content. If the second part is possible. Just to see who is reading this, if you want to be linked in this feature next week, send a full link (not a short link) and copy/paste the content to this email. It’s not an Instalanche, but every bit helps.

On to the linkfest!

Woman kills knife-wielding man in Texas. Mainstream media ignores. (That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

Ex-wife of convicted Speedway Bomber is in fear for her life. (The Other McCain)

“Turn coat mofo” is now a journalistic term. (Regular Right Guy)

Planned Parenthood fined for Medicaid fraud. (UrbanGrounds)

Obama willing to subvert government on your behalf. (Ace)


Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood. (ViralRead)

Buzzfeed outs Sydney Leathers. (Dan Collins)

The Clintons are not happy with Mr. and Mrs. Danger. (Hot Air)

New York school teacher tells Carlos Danger that he’s “skeevy.” (American Power)

Carlos Danger now in fourth place in New York City Mayoral race. (Breitbart)

Support Mary Carey for Mayor of New York City.

Non-political stuff.

Places to eat if you’re ever in Lemoore, CA. (Domestic Geek Girl)

13 things you missed at Comic-Con. (The Year of Halloween)

What it’s like to be famous in Qatar. (The Dimwit Diary)

Chupacabra spotted in North Carolina. (Weekly World News)

Old Rolling Stone article on the 1981 Wonderland Murders in L.A. Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. (The Devil and John Holmes)

Happy Monday everyone!

Update: Linked at Regular Right Guy. It is a good picture.



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