Poll: Who Should Replace Bob “Filthy” Filner in San Diego?

In my monomaniacal zeal (okay, two-ish posts) to convince Mary Carey to run for mayor of New York, I’ve neglected another mayoral scandal much closer to home: the sexual battery carried out on multiple women by the doddering San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. Today, after the seventh woman came forward, Filner announced that he was going into some kind of sex rehab while continuing to run San Diego. So here’s the poll. Who should replace Filner when he inevitably decides to spend more time with his family?

And if any of you jokers writes in Mary Carey, I’ll straight up lose my shit. That’s my hobby horse.

Update: Linked by Regular Right Guy here and here. So far Vladimir Putin is winning, but like a Russian election this poll is completely lawless. Vote early and often.



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