Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Mary Carey for Mayor of New York Edition

The next mayor of New York

The next mayor of New York

Yesterday Blackmailers Don’t shoot became the official campaign headquarters of the Mary Carey for New York City campaign. We have one volunteer (me,) and at some point the candidate might even find out that she’s being drafted to run in the election. So far she hasn’t responded to the dozens of phone calls, emails and tweets I’ve sent out in the last twenty minutes. I guess she’s busy. Anyway, this week’s post is promotional material for Ms. Carey’s mayoral campaign. Note: While none of these are really safe for work, you’ll still have to Google it if you want the good stuff.

Here is a small gallery of the candidate at the Adult Video Network Awards from Buddy TV. Like I said, unlike Anthony Weiner, Mary Carey has actually had a job outside of government.

Here’s Ms. Carey’s gallery from IMDb.

The picture above, from a Telegraph gallery, is from Ms. Carey’s last run for governor of California. I think it was in 2007. Hey, if we’re going to get the facts straight, we’ll need more volunteers.

Here’s some kind of celebrity image aggregator of our candidate. It’s huge and definitely NSFW. Do you know how hard it is to find picture galleries of the future mayor of New York without linking porn sites?

Finally, here’s a gallery from another aggregator called Superior Pics.

Get through Friday everyone. Vote early and vote often.

Update: Linked at Regular Right Guy. I think he’s starting to come around.

Update 2: Linked by the Wombat. For more good stuff, see Rule 5 Monday.



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