This Stupid Week, I Don’t Think I Like You Anymore Edition

Swiped from Cold Dead Hand

Swiped from Cold Dead Hand

Sometimes the titles of these weekly roundups make some sort of contextual sense, and other times they’re more or less random. I was getting ready to type this thing up, and for whatever reason an old song by Curve popped in my head. I don’t even remember the name of the song, but it was from the time before they became a techno group. Better days if you ask me, but I’m just a prematurely cranky old man. Or prematurely old cranky man.

Whatever. Linkfest.

Gingi at Domestic Geek Girl writes about the most grotesquely wrong burger I could imagine. Where does one even get ground kangaroo? I ask because I’m hungry.

Via Mike G., apparently Democrats want to build a national park on the moon. There really has to be an easier way to create union jobs.

Apparently a group of atheists based out of England want to branch out and start a church of their own in Manhattan. Guys, I’m not religious, but quit being a bunch of dicks. Home Runs, Apple Pie and Rock n’ Roll provides details.

Archaeologists have reported that an eleventh commandment has been found on Mount Sinai. If it wasn’t for the Weekly World News, we might never get the real stories.

It may be too late to watch the movie before Monday, but Valley of the Shadow recommends D.C. Cab for laughs. Why not? It has Mr. T.

Kittens making friends with a Guinea pig. It’ll make your teeth hurt.

Ace writes about a study that has such obvious results that it can only be called racist. Plus a Mark Steyn quote.

Becca Lower reports what we pretty much already knew about the Tea Party and the IRS. Short version: Yeah, it came from DC.

90 Miles from Tyranny accidentally became a Friend of the Blog yesterday by throwing Blackmailers Don’t Shoot a bunch of traffic. Those who insult bacon must be punished.

Is Amanda Marcotte just a miserable human being or is she some kind of brilliant evolution in the phenomenon of the Internet troll? I’m beginning to wonder. Read this post at The Other McCain to decide for yourself.

Meep at The Necropolitan Sentinel writes about the slow-burning disaster called Detroit. My vote is to let the Devil’s Night people have their way with the place.

Kittens befriend a German Shepherd. I just farted cotton candy.

Finally, here’s a roundup of things to check out if you want to read more about that thing I’m not talking about anymore.

Regular Right Guy: Yep, it’s the same creeps who show up at every protest.

Donald Douglas covered the International ANSWER protest in Anaheim yesterday. Brave man. I’m allergic to the smell of patchouli and ass.

Jazz Shaw writes about our serious president’s speech on that thing. Reports are that after the speech he played golf and ate a dog.

Robbie at UrbanGrounds has some Twitter reaction to our modern Cicero’s flatulations.

Eh. I’m cutting it one link short from the usual five per segment. Just tired of this. Here’s a kitten with a hedgehog.

Have a great evening everyone!





  1. thatmrgguy

    Dude!…You’re just awesome, man. Thanks for the link and thanks for linking my friend, Ryan Kantor at Home Runs, Apple Pie and Rock n’ Roll.

    • Chandler's Ghost

      No problem. I didn’t know you two knew each other. I know it’s not going to garner a bunch of traffic, but people have been really cool to me since I started this thing and I like to pay it forward.

      • thatmrgguy

        I live close to Clemson University and he’s an alumni.

        For me, any traffic is good traffic. Hell, I even let spam comments through sometimes, lol.

      • thatmrgguy

        Well, my wife started a blog a year after me and has surpassed me in hits by several tens of thousands. 75 or a 100 hits a day for me is good, but wifey gets several hundred hits a day just reposting news stories that every one else posts..

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