Pretty Girls on a Sunday, All Apologies Edition

Ada Wong cosplay

Ada Wong cosplay

I feel like I owe my readers an extra dose of what they are looking for when they come here after torturing everyone with two days of Trayvon protest commentary. Kick up your feet folks, tomorrow is Monday and you might as well relax. Tonight Blackmailers Don’t Shoot is handing out some more video game cosplay, because it’s an old trusted standby and I’m tired after doing yard work all afternoon.

First up, here’s some Resident Evil cosplay from Kotaku. Ada Wong has completely useless armor, as you can see above, but she looks great shooting weird monsters.

Barnorama has Street Fighter cosplay girls. They’ll kick your ass and take all of your quarters.

Representing my favorite video game of all time (so far,) here is a Flickr photo stream of Fallout 3 cosplay.

Representing my second favorite video game of all time (so far,) here is some Skyrim cosplay from

Finally, here’s some Saints Row 3 cosplay from Gamez Mentor. Not a great game, but I needed something to round this out.

Have a great night everyone.