A Tale of Two News Stories

Last year Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson sent minions to South Central Los Angeles on the anniversary of the 1992 L.A. riots to protest and fundraise (but mostly fundraise) against Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. It didn’t matter that the controversy in question was all the way across the country or that California doesn’t even have a Stand Your ground law, the threat had been made: If George Zimmerman doesn’t go to jail, L.A. will burn.

Around the same time of Sharpton’s rally, in March of 2012 another high profile incident happened in Northridge in northern Los Angeles: The kidnapping and rape at knifepoint of a 10 year old girl by Tobias Dustin Summers and Daniel Martinez who received lesser charges. Summers, who is white and afiliated with the California skinhead Peckerwoods gang, and an extensive criminal record. He had been let out of prison early under California’s prison realignment law, intended to save California money even after Governor Jerry Brown had signed a sweetheart contract with the state’s prison guards. Summers was eventually apprehended in Mexico and has been charged with 36 counts of sexual assault, felony burglary and kidnapping.

Tobias Dustin Summers

Tobias Dustin Summers

I bring this all up because this post was originally going to be a long rant about how nobody really cares about Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman and this whole flap is about people advancing their own interests. You know, like I’ve been doing for the last two days. But Stacy McCain wrote a post today about the national news media and crime reportage, in which he writes,

Some victims of crime are more equal than others. Some crimes are ignored by the national media and some crimes are not. These decisions are made by TV producers, and by political activists whose agendas have very little to do with justice (or with peace).

This week there was violence and protests in multiple cities across California over a jury verdict that happened in Florida, with the media and “civil-rights” hucksters fanning the flames for over a year before the trial even happened. Meanwhile, news about Tobias Dustin Summers has gone silent. As I mentioned earlier, aside from the fact that Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law was not invoked in George Zimmerman’s defense, California has no Stand Your Ground law. The law does not effect California at all. What does effect California is letting inmates out of prison early and back on the streets. A responsible media would be howling about this, but instead outfits like the Los Angeles Times can never be bothered to ask “What does it all mean?” when the answer might look bad to a Democrat governor and a legislature with a two thirds majority of Democrats. That might cause some real needed change.

No more Trayvon. I promise.



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