Trayvon Mob Goes Hollywood


Regular Right Guy beat me to this one, which I heard about this morning on the radio. Apparently a pack of “youths” figured out that the LAPD was too busy in Crenshaw with the rioting and the fact that it’s Crenshaw, so they headed to the world famous dingy tourist trap at Hollywood and Vine and made general nuisances of themselves.

The problems began shortly after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, when 911 dispatchers started receiving reports of problems on Hollywood Boulevard near Vine Street — a stretch full of restaurants, clubs and shops. A group of a few dozen young people, callers said, was running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings. Some stole food and souvenirs from stores as they went.

I suppose that any excuse I can make the next time my girlfriend wants to go to Hollywood is helpful. “But dear, we can’t go to Grauman’s. There might be Trayvon riots.” I’m also a little bit surprised that a bunch of punk kids weren’t instantly torn to shreds by the out of work actors dressed as superheroes that take pictures with tourists for tips. What’s bad for tourism is bad for the bottom line, and that bed bug infested hotel room isn’t paying for itself.

But enough with the cracks.

RRG touches on something that I want to take a little further:

For the politicians George Zimmerman is about guns. Tuesday night’s mischief was about straight-up pissed-off fun. It takes an on-the-make First AME Church pastor to make it anything else.

Now, I figured I should write what I’m going to say next, because I think it’s true and I haven’t heard anyone else say it. If the reason for that is that it’s blindingly obvious, apologies in advance.

Apart from Trayvon Martin’s intimate circle, no one cares about Trayvon Martin. I don’t. You don’t. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t. The thugs who made messes in Hollywood and Crenshaw don’t. The Armenian guy who drives the dilapidated bus around showing tourists Lucille Ball’s house doesn’t. The celebrities in Hollywood don’t. Everyone talking about this, myself included, has an agenda.

I promise that Pretty Girls on a Thursday is still on the schedule.



  1. Regular Right Guy

    Thank you BMDS, I might have added class-envious fun as well. You are so spot on saying it is not about Trayvon and I am dubious of even his parent’s motives at this point. And we should all take a long moment of introspection at our motives.