Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Pinup Part Deux Edition


I know what you’re thinking: “OMG he’s writing about politics again. Where the hell are the hot chicks?” It’s okay, really. I’ll admit that this feature (well, actually Rule 5 Sunday at The Other McCain) accounts for about 60 percent of my traffic. This might be a lazy concept post, but you’re still getting the hot chicks without having to search them out yourselves. So here you have it. More pinup girls.

The International Association of Haters brings us the lady above, as well as a big ol’ gallery of modern pinup girls.

Izismile has a similar post, with modern pinup girls in retro gear.

The Pinup Files has paintings by Gil Elvgren. Vintage stuff.

The always awesome Sad Man’s Tongue has an assortment of hotness. Not necessarily pinup stuff, but who cares?

Finally, here’s Alexis Smith from the 1940’s.

Everyone make it through Friday!

Update: Wombat-socho makes it rain.

Update 2: Linked at Ninety Miles from Tyranny. Thanks!



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