Detroit Beats L.A. to the Finish Line, Loses to Stockton and San Bernardino

Swiped from TheRightRant

Swiped from TheRightRant

It’s finally happened. Detroit filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, proving once again that a city can’t run at a deficit forever and survive. Maybe I’ll take a day off in the next few weeks and fly out to Michigan to put a bid on City Hall and what’s left of the Brewster-Douglass Apartments.

Progressives have an unbelievable capacity for bulshitting themselves. “No, the auto companies don’t need to renegotiate their contracts with the UAW. They just need a boatload of taxpayer money and the Chevy Volt.” “Republicans hate poor people and don’t care about you. Elect a guy named Kwame and he’ll take care of you.” “The city doesn’t need more businesses opening up. What Detroit needs is more welfare.”

This will eventually happen in L.A., with our army of municipal administrators, terrible schools, business killing policies, and a mayor who has just about every union’s hand up his butt. Hopefully I’ll be in Texas by then.

Update: Via The Right Scoop, Steven Crowder knocks it out of the park.


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