Trayvon Rioters Storm L.A. Walmart

I know this happened last night, but after my completely wrong prediction that the Trayvon flap was over, I figured I should mention it. Here’s what the brave warriors for social justice were up to in Crenshaw last night:

Young vandals who entered the Wal-Mart stormed in, threw merchandise on the ground and yelled, shoppers told a Times reporter. Some tried to break open the jewelry glass displays. The disturbance in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles caused about 350 LAPD officers to swarm the area, leading to at least 13 arrests.

If I could pull the strings at Walmart for one day, I would go Galt and shut that store down just to teach the thugs a lesson. Either that or refuse to accept food stamps.

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  2. gynjii

    I will not write a blog post about the George Zimmerman trial… I will not write a blog post about the George Zimmerman trial… I will not write a blog post about the George Zimmerman trial… *chanting to self* This is getting ridiculous!

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  4. thatmrgguy

    I always carry when I go to Wal-Mart…or the grocery store…or out to a restaurant for dinner unless they serve alcohol. In fact, I never leave home without it. But then, I don’t live in a leftist utopia state like California or New York or Illinois. 😉

    • Chandler's Ghost

      I think you’re the only person in the comments so far that doesn’t live in California. 😉 The Walmart where I live (not Crenshaw, thank God) is the one where the lady pepper sprayed all those people during Black Friday.

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