Pretty Girls on a Friday, Working for the Weekend Edition

Lulu Klaine

Lulu Klaine

What a week. At some point, perhaps this weekend, Blackmailers Don’t Shoot might once again start posting content that amounts to more than placeholders to remind readers that I’m still alive. Anyway, no theme this week; just going to find inspiration from some of this blog’s old standbys.

One of these days, Sad Man’s Tongue is going to get sick of being linked by a right wing goon. Until that day, here is Lulu Klaine from Buenos Aires. Go check out the whole gallery.

Here’s some Lara Croft cosplay from Arcade Sushi. Hopefully this will renew my geek credentials after I admit that Sharknado kinda sucked and I didn’t watch more than 30 minutes of it.

More cosplay. Why the hell not? Here’s some of Resident Evil’s Ada Wong from Go Fanboy.

Caveman Circus brings us Pamela Horton, the Playboy model who likes World of Warcraft.

Finally, AcidCow has a superhero undies gallery. God, I think I’m starting to find a niche.

Happy Friday everyone!

Update: Wombat-socho didn’t have to watch Sharknado. He is the sharknado.



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