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If I can't give content, I can give eye candy

If I can’t give content, I can give eye candy

I’ve been working in San Bernardino for the last couple of days, so Pretty Girls on a Thursday will hopefully return on Friday. Sharknado comes on in 30 minutes on the West Coast, so I’ll be geeking out to that tonight.

Here’s some news from the San Bernardino County Sun:

San Bernardino: A year under bankruptcy cloud

San Bernardino taggers caught vandalizing outside police station

San Bernardino homeless man charged in beating death of another homeless man

I.E. nonprofits receive $1.9 million in federal funds to assist homeless vets

Good night everyone. Chandler’s Ghost will sleep the sleep of the just tonight.


  1. Regular Right Guy

    I made San Bernardino in less than two hours and for once in its life it was almost as cool as Los Angeles, and not nearly as sticky. I took on a cup of coffee and bought a pint of rye and gassed up and started up the grade. …