This Stupid Week, Coup d’Etat Edition

Swiped from The End Zone

Swiped from The End Zone

Well, the glorious vacation is over and I rejoined the working world again today. It was fun while it lasted. This week Blackmailers Don’t Shoot will start with some shameless self-promotion. Here is the big gnarly post that I wrote on the coup in Egypt for ViralRead. I accidentally became their foreign news desk a few weeks ago, so click my avatar on the site to be informed by the elegant genius of my prose.

And now, on to the linkfest!

While we’re on the topic of shameless self-promotion, Stacy McCain sent an email to 1000 of his closest friends this morning informing us that God told him that we need to link to his post about the Pope’s recent remarks on immigration. Well, I won’t argue with the Almighty. If you think that the United States has crazy immigration policies, read the whole post and ask yourself why the nutters in Golden Dawn are gaining a foothold in Greece. And while you’re there, check who is linked at the top of the page. Heh.

Mike G. has a post up about a Redmond, CA high school teacher who was arrested after popping out a student’s kid. If you live in California and you voted for Proposition 30, congratulations. You’re an idiot.

Apparently, the gay pride crowd is taking lessons from SEIU. Robbie at UrbanGrounds has video and commentary on the assault of a Christian street preacher at a Seattle gay pride event.

The Weekly World News reports that President Obama negotiated with warriors from Planet Gootan and narrowly avoided an alien invasion of Washington DC on July 4. Then he played golf.

Gingi from Domestic Geek Girl has a post about Maine Coon cats. I’ve had a couple of those over the years. They’re pretty cool.

Maine Coon kitten video

I’ve said before that New York makes me glad that I live in L.A. Anthony Bialy at The Necropolitan Sentinel has a post on yet another reason why Michael Bloomberg is the world’s biggest choad.

Speaking of choads in New York, Eliot Spitzer is now joining Anthony Weiner in running for election in New York City. Hot Air has details and snark.

Regular Right Guy asks a pretty good question, which I’ll paraphrase: Are we better off if politicians are too lazy to do their jobs? Imagine what John Kerry might have started if he hadn’t been on his yacht.

I was thinking about writing a series of posts on the 1981 Wonderland Murders, and might still do it. Until that happens, there’s already a blog about it.

Finally, here’s some Trayvon Martin news from American Power. I’m so damn sick of this case.



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