This Stupid Week, Staycation Edition


I’m on vacation from the day job this week, so hopefully Blackmailers Don’t Shoot will receive some extra attention. The linkfest will be a bit longer this week, since I’m starting the post at 9AM instead of 6PM. Such a weird feeling. I’m supposed to be at work. Must not worry about what is happening at the office. They will be okay without me. Oh God, they will be okay without me!

Ahem. Here’s the linkfest.

I found this fried chicken recipe a while back, and this week I might actually get the chance to test it out. It involves lard, buttermilk and country ham. We all need to eat this way every once in a while.

The Weekly World News reports that NASA has found dinosaurs on Mars. Human colonization of the planet has been suspended indefinitely.

Do you miss George W. Bush? Apparently people in Africa do, especially when it comes to the former president’s AIDS policy in the continent.

Mark Tapson at Acculturated has a post on the problems facing college humanities graduates. Here’s my take, as an English major: First, there are way too many of us. Second, your prospective employer will understand what you did in college if you studied Shakespeare, but will probably be confused by your thesis regarding the deconstruction of Lacanian narratives in lesbian Twilight fan fiction. Hell, I don’t even understand what I just wrote.

Stacy McCain recalls the Glenn Greenwald sock puppet scandal of 2006. I remember when this went down, and it was damn hilarious. Patterico has the illustrated version if you want a chuckle.

Behold the Meatball Deathstar from Epic Meal Time. I don’t know where these guys get the money to do this every week.

This site claims to represent the Greek Golden Dawn Party in North America. Not all of the articles have English translations, so scroll down if you’re interested. Remember, this crowd has 11 percent support in Greece.

Donald Douglas reports that Egypt’s Army is threatening a takeover if President Morsi’s government doesn’t satisfy the demands of protestors. That didn’t take long.

A left wing mob in Texas shouted down the state Senate as it tried to pass a law banning late term abortions. Bob Belvedere has more details.

From the Dimwit Diaries: How to Photoshop Your Crazy Drunk Aunt into a Katy Perry Firework Poster. Hey, we all need some practical lessons from time to time.

Tarzana Joe, an L.A. local and frequent caller to the Hugh Hewitt radio show, has a poem about the Obama Administrations multiple scandals and the worthlessness of Congress.

From Vice, a 25 minute documentary on 3d printed guns.

Gingi at Domestic Geek Girl has a list of ways that military spouses can maintain their sanity. A lot of it is pretty good advice for anyone.

Via Mike G., the Senate passed their immigration boondoggle. It’s becoming more and more pointless to despise a slimy little worm like Harry Reid when the GOP has its own slimy little worms like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. In related news, Sarah Palin is talking third party if the House caves on this thing. Start listening to the populists, Boehner.

Anthony Bialy writes at The Necropolitan Sentinel about the seeming paradox between a government that controls everything and yet is completely ineffective. As a California resident, this is a depressingly familiar theme.

Wonderful Cinema has a review of Cool Hand Luke. I think it’s good to review movies retrospectively, as times and tastes change.

Speaking of retrospective, Greg at Misfit Politics lists his top seven upcoming games at this year’s E3. The only one that really interests me is the new Assassin’s Creed, but your mileage may vary.

Happy Monday everyone. Here’s Duke the Pomeranian.