Pretty Girls on a Friday, No Labels Edition

Ana Perduv (Photo: Filip Dizdar)

Ana Perduv
(Photo: Filip Dizdar)

This week’s edition of Pretty Girls on a Thursday is taking place on Friday, owing to a very rough work week that is now blessedly over. I don’t have the mental focus to even attempt a theme for a cheesecake post, so this will be a grab bag.

The young lady above is Croatia’s own Ana Perduv. Sad Man’s Tongue has a short writeup and a gallery.

The Mirror has 40 pictures of Dita Von Teese on her 40th birthday. They say 40 is the new 20, you know.

Caveman Circus has a gallery of curvy girls. Blackmailers Don’t Shoot approves.

For nerds who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s, Complex has 25 hot chicks rocking the Chun Li cosplay.

Finally, 208 Tattoo Fest has the participants in its rockabilly pin up contest. The contest is closed, but thankfully the webpage isn’t.


Update: Linked by Wombat-socho, which always makes for a good Sunday.



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