This Stupid Week, Cranky Mood Edition

Becky doesn't like Mondays either.

Image swiped from Tactical Fanboy

You know those days when your alarm doesn’t go off, and you roll over in bed thinking how odd it is that the sun is out so early, and then reality sets in and it’s past 7:00 and panic strikes. And you’re never late, and your boss knows that and probably won’t care about this one time, but dammit, part of never being late is never being late, and oh crap, you’re out of cigarettes. The only place that sells them on the way is the Arco station, and those bastards must know it from what they charge…

Hell, enough about that. Linkfest.

We start this week with some shameless self-promotion. If you’re not sure what people have been protesting about in Turkey for the last few weeks, here’s my ViralRead post from Saturday that gives a short overview of the situation.

Charles at Misfit Politics explains why Republicans eat their own over issues like immigration. Yeah, I’m kind of pissed at Rubio as well.

The late Michael Hastings claimed that he was assaulted by Rahm Emmanuel during an interview. Becca Lower pretends not to bait the conspiracy trolls.

The Weekly World News reports that a fossilized Bigfoot skull has been found in Idaho.

Stacy McCain posts about a Mother of the Year in Colorado and her transgendered 6 year old. How this happened in Colorado and not Florida is beyond me.

To complement last week’s puppy pileup, here’s a kitten pileup.

I mentioned that I was pissed at Rubio, but nowhere near as pissed as Mike G. is at Lindsey Graham. How do clowns like Graham and McCain hold onto their seats for so long? Oh, I know. Pork.

Can we agree that the NSA program is creepy while still saying that Edward Snowden is a douchebag? Dan Collins asks why the government is having so much trouble catching this guy, and whether or not they even want to do so.

Robbie Cooper at UrbanGrounds asks and answers the politically incorrect question that anyone watching the George Zimmerman trial is thinking. I thought the same thing when Al Sharpton came to South Central L.A. to protest Stand Your Ground laws on the anniversary of the 1992 riots.

Looking for a good job? Doug Ross would tell you not to move to California, Illinois or anywhere else run by Democrats.

Finally, via Hot Air, our very serious President plans to pivot and focus like a laser on the biggest problem to face this great nation: Global Freaking Warming.

Have a great evening everyone. I’m lazy today. Here’s another kitten video.



  1. thatmrgguy

    Appreciate the link Friend. I hate being late to work. I have a 40 mile drive to work on curvy mountain roads and it never fails that when you’re ten minutes behind, you’ll run up on a semi toiling up the mountain with no passing zones.

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