Proposed Law Would Take Away Lois Lerner’s Welfare Benefits

IRS worker tells Congress to pound sand.

IRS worker Lois Lerner tells Congress to pound sand.

It seems like a sensible idea, so it will probably never pass the Senate. Via Jazz Shaw, the law, proposed by Alabama Representative Mo Brooks, would make it so that

Any federal employee who refuses to answer questions in a congressional hearing after being granted immunity shall be terminated from employment.

As it stands, the hard working public servant who unintentionally gave the proposed rule its name is being paid to sit at home and eat Cheetos. If Republicans weren’t complete idiots, they might make enough of a stink about this to irritate Harry Reid’s loose bowels. This should be a no-brainer after all, which puts it right up John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s alleys. My prediction is that if this is passed in the House and reaches the Senate, Dick Durbin will add an amendment giving food stamps and free housing to fired federal workers, and it will also exempt them from ObamaCare. Hard not to be cynical these days.